What is MelaGen® and How to Apply It

MelaGen® is the synthesis of science and of lighting for wellbeing into two distinct LED products. MelaGen® Blue being blue enriched and MelaGen® ReFresh being blue depleted. The vital difference between them is the availability of blue light at a wavelength of 480 nm, similar to a blue sky. When compared to a typical light source, MelaGen® Blue has approximately 30% more blue light and MelaGen® ReFresh approximately 60% less blue light.

MelaGen® ReGen, is the combination of Blue and Refresh. Initial research on the regenerative benefits of both MelaGen® Blue light for daytime and MelaGen® ReFresh for the evening are proving very exciting. A new Australian government grant to explore these benefits is commencing in late 2022.

In a giant technological leap, MelaGen® Blue and MelaGen® ReFresh deliver exceptionally high Colour Rendering.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

As the CRI increases more shades of colour become visible to the human eye.

A CRI 90+ ensures colours are crisp and details look sharper enabling easier attention to detail. Decor like paint colour, furniture, carpets etc look their best.

Facial expressions, body language, wellbeing (cyanosis) make-up etc all become easier to see.

Overall, a higher CRI can improve many facets of human perception. For example, product displays, attention to detail like working in a kitchen, or even reading a book.

MelaGen® Blue encompasses the latest technology in LED development in being able to produce high levels of blue light at the wavelength that stimulates melanopsin in the human eye. Another ground-breaking feature of MelaGen® Blue is its capacity to provide this stimulation while still producing natural light, similar to daylight. It is an industry leader in this truly unique achievement.

Melatonin Suppression and Blue Light

Monash University research shows that blue light at a wavelength of 480-490 nm is one of the most effective ways to suppress melatonin. The above power distribution curve clearly shows the peak of blue light being exactly where the research indicates the greatest impact is expected to be.

High Visual Acuity and Alertness

In a world first. MelaGen® Blue provides exceptional levels of Melatonin suppression with a light source that visually is indistinguishable from those typically used in the commercial, health, education, and correctional sectors

According to some Monash University and Versalux research, blue enriched light in the workplace, is more effective for increasing alertness and improving the quality of subsequent sleep. The need for a system that transitions between differing colour temperatures is unnecessary.

For the workplace, a transitioning or tuneable system is not necessary

As result of the initial findings, MelaGen® Blue, with the benefits of its outstanding spectral performance, is the ideal choice for the workplace.



MelaGen® ReGen, is the fusion of MelaGen® Blue and MelaGen® ReFresh, allowing for the easy transition or blending from one to the other. The capacity to transition from the enriched MelaGen® Blue to the blue depleted MelaGen® ReFresh, effectively enables a user to transition from increasing alertness with Blue through to promoting the calming effects of ReFresh.

For use in all applications where the space is occupied 24/7 for both daytime and sleep. For example, bedrooms in healthcare, prisons some emergency services etc. By scheduling the transition from daytime through to pre-sleep, users can create an ideal environment to promote restorative sleep patterns, improve mood and wellbeing.

MelaGen® ReGen is the fusion of both MelaGen® Blue and MelaGen® Refresh. One LED system able to easily transition from blue enriched to blue depleted.

MelaGen® ReGen specifically for spaces which combine daytime and evening sleep 

Workplace / Wake Up Evening Transition Pre-Sleep
Daytime 3-hours before sleep 2-hours before sleep
MelaGen® Blue
4200K – Ra 90 – COI
Transitions from MelaGen® Blue to MelaGen® Refresh MelaGen® Refresh
2200k – Ra 90
MelaGen® Blue for Alertness MelaGen® ReGen MelaGen® ReFresh for Deeper Sleep
30% more blue light! 60% less blue light!

The MelaGen® ReGen system can be easily scheduled to transition from a “daytime” blue enriched environment to evening pre-sleep. Ideal for facilities that include sleep facilities. For example, healthcare, patients, inmates, military type facilities with sleep requirements.


Research from Monash University show that the blue wavelength in artificial light has the greatest impact on the suppression of Melatonin, and therefore, sleep. MelaGen® ReFresh has much of the blue light removed while being uniquely able to render colours that appear natural and sharp to the human eye. This is a world first.

The alluring warmth of MelaGen® ReFresh is like a log fire or candlelight. It engenders a feeling of wanting to be calm. Early research at Monash University is showing that HRV (heart rate variability) increases after a few minutes of exposure to MelaGen® ReFresh. Increasing HRV can also imply an overall increase in wellbeing.

Sleep promoting benefits of MelaGen® ReFresh

The suppression of Melatonin occurs most at the around 480-490 nm wavelengths.  The above power distribution curve clearly shows the noticeable drop in blue light being exactly where the research indicates the greatest impact is expected to be.

Visual Acuity Without Compromise

In another world first, MelaGen® ReFresh provides outstanding colour rendering  while also reducing the risk of melatonin suppression. The calming light, similar to candlelight does not compromise your ability to see colours in your environment.