About Versalux

The foundation of Versalux ethos has remained unwavering – to offer the highest quality lighting solutions to satisfy even the most demanding projects, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency in function and minimising consumer costs.

Versalux Lighting Systems is an Australian, privately owned sales organisation with 43 years of continuous growth and development in the Australasian region. We are an equal opportunity employer with approx. 80 staff in Australia and New Zealand.

At Versalux, we provide an integrated approach to lighting design, by assembling a world-class collective of lighting designers, sales engineers and product managers, who are essential in delivering the Versalux expertise directly to the customer. Our professional team epitomise the spirit of the company, where their experience in the field allows for a meticulous understanding of customer requirements. This synergy translates to the application of the most effective lighting solution to satisfy even the most arduous of projects.

Our dedication to the science of lighting and the opportunity for benefit to “people” remains our focus and MelaGen® is borne from that focus.