About MelaGen®

MelaGen® was developed and released into Australia by Versalux in 2020 and is now available worldwide. It is the result of the close affiliation with Alertness CRC (Australian Federal Government initiative) and Monash University (Australia). The scientific findings are based on research conducted by this partnership over a three-year period between 2018 and 2020.

The research pertaining to sleep and alertness has underpinned the creation of MelaGen®. MelaGen® however, also embraces a broader approach to wellbeing. The vision for MelaGen® was to integrate the beauty, the technical and the wellbeing elements of light into a holistic approach. This approach promotes well-being, leads to improved safety in the workplace, enhances mood and improves the quality of sleep.  When applied correctly, they can have a profoundly positive impact on the relationship that we have internally (mood and outlook), with others and with our environment.

These guidelines consist of 3 elements: 

1.      LED Chips

The MelaGen® LED chip is easily programable to vary the amount of blue light (at 480-490 nm wavelengths). This dynamic lighting system can be applied to any built environment, helping to regulate both visual and non-visual light. Monash University scientists behind MelaGen® modelled the impact of the amount of blue light in a light source to the response of our 24-hour clock. This modelling provided a much clearer indication of what type of light we require and at the right time. The chips were then developed accordingly, in line with these specific blue-enriched and blue-depleted wavelengths.

2.      A Formula for Well-Being

Through its targeted effects, MelaGen® can ultimately promote alertness and rest at the right times, leading to better sleep, better mood, and more optimal productivity.

Current research is showing an increase in alertness and more heightened focus with Melagen® Blue. This early research is also indicating MelaGen® Refresh (blue depleted) can promote relaxation and calmness.  Potentially, even increasing our heart rate variability for greater wellbeing.

“There is no reality, only perception” -Dr. Phil

3.      Visual Acuity

The MelaGen® guidelines also consider the importance that vision, and perception have on our interaction with the external world. The spectral distribution of MelaGen® is optimised to increase the richness of colours and sharpen contrast in the environment. The effect of “seeing more” can be like transitioning from a low to a high definition TV screen.

Consequently, facial expressions, product displays, décor, machinery etc can be perceived from great distances and with greater clarity.